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6 Photographers’ Paradise Spots Around Pune

Pune’s monsoons are a photographer’s paradise – where everything around you turns a shade of bright and beautiful green. Its iconic and historical buildings, the surrounding forts and the lush green neighborhoods, like Koregaon Park, are places where you can’t help but sneak a picture.

Pune’s Week on Instagram!

Multiple times a day, on our steadily-growing Instagram page, we curate the best of Pune's pictures from you guys, creating a grid of the best visuals of our city. Here are our top pics for this past week that comprise nature, food, rains, and of course, the emotions!

7 Types of Punekars During Monsoon

Pune monsoons bring about certain characteristics in Punekars, and Punekars react to it in their own way. LOLing, happy, or just annoyed, you’ll find everyone reacting to it differently. Here are the seven kind of Punekars and the way they react to monsoon!

7 Types of Punekars at a Wedding

My favorite thing about attending weddings (apart from the food) is observing people. I mean Indian weddings, Puneri weddings, are something to experience. You’ll find every single ‘breed’of typical Punekars- ranging from overly emotional, to completely withdrawn and lost.

Two-Day Trips from Pune

With the growing need to take short refreshing breaks amid hectic schedules, two-day destinations are much desired. Whether you are living or are a tourist in Pune and looking for such two-day breaks, there are many easy-to-access places nearby. You can quickly travel over the weekend or during any two-day holidays to these places by hiring affordable and comfortable cabs.