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6 Awesome Slam Poetry Groups in Pune

Pune has several amazing slam poets as well as page poets who are changing the poetry scene and it’s safe to say that Pune is one of the leading cities in our country for poetry. Several venues as well as independent publications across the city are focused on hosting and promoting poetry.

7 Creative Pune-Based Startups

Pune, the exciting hub for start-ups and creative ideas, has experienced a tremendous surge in independent and sustaining business. All thanks to the favorable economic conditions of our city, Punekars are now taking more and more risks and going out on a limb for their own job/life satisfaction.

If Deadpool Comes to Pune

A bunch of us were having a few drinks last night and, as it usually happens, we got to this totally plausible topic. So, what do you think would happen if Deadpool came to Pune? Here are some of the things we think will happen!

7 Places in Pune That Play Amazing Music!

Music is greatly responsible for the vibe of a place, and luckily, Pune has several places which play amazing music! Whether it may be a cup of coffee or a few beers, these places make you want to stay there for a long time. Check out this list of places in Pune; some names might be familiar, but revisit them and focus on the music. You’ll rediscover the place!

If Siri Were a Punekar!

Just like Siri, Punekars can have an opinion about almost everything when asked. Along with some serious information to back it up, most of the times. Just imagine this, you ask something to Siri and a Punekar from Sadashiv Peth answers your question. Hilarious, right?! Here are some of the funniest situations which would arise if Siri were a Punekar.