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7 Types of Punekars at a Wedding

My favorite thing about attending weddings (apart from the food) is observing people. I mean Indian weddings, Puneri weddings, are something to experience. You’ll find every single ‘breed’of typical Punekars- ranging from overly emotional, to completely withdrawn and lost.

Two-Day Trips from Pune

With the growing need to take short refreshing breaks amid hectic schedules, two-day destinations are much desired. Whether you are living or are a tourist in Pune and looking for such two-day breaks, there are many easy-to-access places nearby. You can quickly travel over the weekend or during any two-day holidays to these places by hiring affordable and comfortable cabs.

5 Incredibly Artsy Places in Pune

It is rather precious and enchanting to witness art- in its bare and vulnerable setting, and to explore a world where pictures speak, colours dance and songs let you time travel at will. Pulling at our heartstrings and hitting us right in the feels, art invests the mundanity of life, with meaning. Witness an array of abstract notions come to life, and marvel at and experience art at these beautiful places in Pune.

The Perks of Having a Non-Punekar as Your Best Friend

A wise man said, “You do not get to choose your family.” A wiser man added, “Nor your best friends.” I mean it’s true, our best friends might be the craziest and the most tiresome individuals, but they make our life considerably better. Life without them is like monsoon without a cup of chaha, or beer without chakna. I believe that our best friends choose us, and not the other way round. They find us and bring some flavour into our lives. Being a hardcore Punekar, I have always grown up with Marathi Punekars around…