Young Street Performers to be Trained for Olympics by State Govt.

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PUNE: How many times have we come across little kids on the streets of Pune performing balancing acts on ropes and/or sticks and watched in absolute awe?!

Om Prakash Bakoria, the State Sports’ Commissioner probably thought the same and recently tweeted out that the State is looking for street children who’re talented acrobats so that they can be trained for the Olympics.

He said, “We have often seen these children perform amazing stunts on ropes, bamboo sticks, using different props. I believe they can become good gymnasts. Hence, to recognise and acknowledge such talent across the State, we have decided to identify these children and enroll them at our Sports’ Academy”

The State prefers children from the 8-12 age group and will focus on the 2028 and 2032 Olympics. Bakoria says this will also provide the kids with a stable livelihood.


The Sports’ Academy presently does not have any activities planned for underprivileged children and this would be the first of such initiatives.

We can’t wait to see where this idea will take some little kids! Amazing!

Feature image by @whotussharkothari via Instagram

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