You Know You’re in Pune When…

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Ok, so, we’re Punekars, right? Opinionated and all that. Our supreme talents of dishing out assumptions, theories, judgments etc. are unmatched. We probably get all that energy from those afternoon naps we so religiously take. With an attitude like that (famous for it and loving it goooo Pune!), isn’t it obvious that, by now, aamchi Pune has its own special trademarks? You simply cannot miss these, you know? So, here goes… Boss, you’re in Pune when…

1 pm to 4 pm: We go the Chitale way… #BRB

Most of us Punekars prefer a siesta in the afternoon. Shops shut down at 1 pm and not just for a lunch break; we require three hours to spring back up. Be it Laxmi Road or M.G. Road, most of the shopkeepers follow this trend. Lately with the shopping scene changing, this age-old tradition seems to be going the way of the Dodo bird.

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You see how enthu we are about food? We can even boast of a few dishes that are staple to our city; first and foremost is the Mastani, it’s a specialty of Pune. Then there’s our baby, the Chitale Bandhu Bhakarwadi, followed by the joy of our lives, the Puneri Misal, so on and so forth. So, you’re in Pune when you’re surrounded by food we Punekars cannot live without.

The Footpaths Offer Everything


Pune’s ingenuity just slays, I tell you. There’s nothing you cannot find on our streets. Food, local ear cleaner (yep), rat poison, lemonade, magic shows, snake charmers, a monkey show, mechanics, etc. The list is endless. The footpaths here are busier than the local fish market

The Var aani Khali Business 

The amount of times you will see people asking for directions here is downright insane; from delivery boys to swanky car owners. “Hey patah kuthey ahey?” should be our anthem. I do get that our city is growing and people are migrating to it everyday; but if you can migrate, you can operate Google Maps, no? Even people walking on the street, they enter random shops and ask for directions. May the God Hermes show you the way our wayward travelers.

Traffic that makes you go Whaaa…


Being the 9th most populous city in India, traffic is to be expected. Indicators seem to be non-functional, a show of hand is enough for us. We believe in extra loud horns and we usually use them for no reason. I especially love the signals; red, yellow and green seem to exist just for amusement. No one really looks at them, forget paying heed. Most commuters use head-nodding and headlight-flashing as means of non-verbal communication.

All said and done, our Pune is EPIC. It’s not only a city, it’s an emotion and it’s something that each and every Punekar feels in their heart. Also, here’s why it’s the best. Just had to add that 🙂 

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