You Can Actually Experience the Pune Metro before it Starts!

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The very near future will hopefully see a fully functional metro rail system running through Pune; we can almost feel the grind of the wheels against the tracks. However, much of it has been spoken and discussed, but now we can actually experience the Pune Metro before it even launches! How? With the prototype kept at display near Balgandharva Mandir.

Expectations are high with Pune Metro, mainly because of the amount of time and the inconvenience being caused because of its construction. However, that’s not to say that it won’t be worth it. Surely all of us know that the benefits far outnumber these temporary troubles. In fact, most of the traffic will be redirected and commuting will become far easier once the Metro is actually operational.


But now, you can actually experience what the Metro will be like even before then! Call this a marketing gimmick or just a very nice educational gesture, but they have put a prototype of a Metro compartment at Balgandharva. You can actually experience how it feels like to be in a Metro compartment, and I must say that the experience is worth it.


I’ve been in the Munich Metro as well as the one in Vienna, and I can proudly say that the features which our city’s metro will have will give the foreign metros a run for their money!

The compartment looks suave and chic, to say the least. The interiors are modern and state of the art. What elevates the experience is the guidance which the Metro demonstrators will give you once you step inside the compartment. You can also step inside the Loco-pilot’s room, a childhood dream come true, for me at least.

As for the demonstrators now- they will give you a through walkthrough of the entire compartment and its features, along with describing everything as to what the Metro has to offer. Facilities, timings, travel time, capacity, routes, emergency procedures are some of the topics which are covered by the demonstrators.

The Metro, when it launches, will be equipped with WiFi and CCTV cameras for security, along with an LED panel which will display announcements and instructions. As per the official statement, some metro lines will be elevated while some will run underground.

The proposed PCMC Metro Station

The two major metro lines will connect PCMC to Swargate and Vanaz to Ramwadi. A total distance of 80 km will be converged in 30 minutes. Approximately, each metro will carry almost one lac people every day. This is great news, considering the traffic problems, and if the metro fluently integrates into our city lives, then commuting can actually be a pleasurable experience for all, rather than just a task or chore.

All images are via the official website of the Pune Metro Rail Project

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