Work from home ok, but what about eat from home?

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Work from home is trending but you don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of it!

C’mon, we all gotta admit… this whole working from home, juggling kids, making meals at home is driving us crazy every day! And as much as we want to deny it – it sure is turning the world upside down for us

From rushing to finish that presentation (while still in pyjamas, that too!) to being all teary eyed on Zoom calls (no thanks to those awful onions!), we are all pushing the bar of multi-tasking during this pandemic!

What’s the worst thing, though? Our kitchen disasters! They are a daily thing. Literally. Remember that dal which overboiled or the sabji that got well, ‘Well done’ or just the simple rice which didn’t really make it? And while it all seems like the new Ramsay Bros. production, you can save the day! Without entering the kitchen!


Each Homely Foods meal is curated by a nutritionist to ensure you don’t expand in unwanted areas!

Meet Homely Meals. A Pune startup that is everything you expect to come out of your kitchen. It is home-cooked food. Except, in someone else’s. So, focus your multitasking to your office.

Why Homely Meals? Because it’s Maa Ke Haath Ka Khaana. It is the food you deserve. It’s the food you need. And it’s home delivered. Plus, it’s a simple subscription service (like Netflix!) you sign up to and the food is home.

But is it healthy? Absolutely. Each Homely Foods meal is curated by a nutritionist to ensure you don’t expand in unwanted areas! All food is cooked in a hygienic kitchen that is managed by professionals who want to ensure you get the best tasting and healthy food. It’s not just about filling your bellies, but also about filling your heart with happiness.

So, if belong to the growing tribe of those who are losing their mind every day wondering, “Aaj khaane mein kya banaye?”, the solution is a phone call (or link click away!).

Homely Meals delivers in a radius of 5 km from Kalyani Nagar and can be reached on this number – +91-9850044744 or if you want to skip the queue, just order online.

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