What Makes Pune the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra?

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Our towering metropolitan knows no bounds; Pune is expanding and exploring every day. New areas are being embraced and westernized, we have every civic amenity we can think of. Favorable climatic conditions, adequate commercialization, and technological advancements have made Pune one of the best cities to live in.

However, we are still referred to as the ‘Cultural Capital’ of the state. Despite possessing everything modern and state of the art, we are still remembered for our culture and spirit. What makes our Pune so in-tune with Maharashtrian culture? What do we have going on for us which other cities are silently (and so subtly) jealous of? Let’s take a look!

Monuments & Heritage
Image by Parmeet Kohli


If you are to wander about in the old city area, you will find yourself lost between the modern and traditional. The architectural gifts blessed to our city are the reason for this feeling; may it be Shaniwar Wada or Saras Baug, or even the old Wadas and Talims, Pune still feels like a feather pressed firmly between the pages of time. The minute you touch the old stone walls of any monument, you are transported back to the era of the Peshwas and Shivaji Maharaj.



Every art form has always thrived in our city. Classical music, instrumental music, painting, sculpting, our city is a treasury of old art forms carefully preserved and nurtured. Kasba Peth is an excellent example of artisans and their art; despite several malls and foreign brands, our artisans still happen to be amazing carpenters, potters, leather and copper workers.



Despite being a very modern city, Pune still houses a lot of spirituality. The proof of this happens to be all the festivals celebrated in the city, especially Ganeshotsav, Diwali, and Eid. Palkhi is something which every Punekar has a soft spot for, add to it the OSHO Ashram which has always been a source of attraction for the rest of the world.

Image by Ramnath Bhat

Some authentic Maharashtrian traditions and rituals are still carried out in Pune without a doubt. From the dressing style, to food preparation, to even the religious practices, Pune has never strayed away from its core Maharashtrian roots.

Image by Parmeet Kohli

The city and its residents have a very unique personality and a way of being. From our sarcasm to the slightly illogical but habitual afternoon naps, everything is a part of the city’s cultural identity. Add to it the education hub, and what you get is a city which knows how to utilize its culture in the best possible way!

Feature image by Parmeet Kohli

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