Walkathon 2015 – A Walk For Those Who Can’t

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How many of us have passed a physically challenged person on the street and wondered what their daily life must be like? Actually, it’s pretty much the same as yours, a person with no physical disabilities. Of course, with some subtle differences that even we become insensitive to after a while and don’t give a moment’s thought to.  It could be as simple as climbing up a few stairs – most of them can’t without external help and it takes them a couple of more minutes to do it than you. It may not be a major difference, but it is still a difference.  And we, as co-workers or just as citizens, must help in making their daily lives just as convenient as ours.

And it is to raise awareness of this exactly, that the Make My Dream Foundation in collaboration with the Earn Blessings Foundation is conducting a walk-a-thon on Sunday, 14th of June. The walk which will take place in Kothrud will include 50 disabled children and teenagers spreading awareness for the lack of facilities that are desperately needed for disabled people. The founder of Make My Dream Foundation and MLA Medha Kulkarni will also be taking part in the 3 km walk. You can participate as well, for free, to show your solidarity.

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