Wadeshwar vs. Vaishali – The Battle of Pune’s Eateries

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There’s hardly a soul in Pune city who hasn’t heard or dined at either of these places. Both, reputed for their amazing food and especially nostalgic memories, are the undisputed legends of South-Indian dining. These eateries have become a part of Pune’s culture.

The similarities and differences are both noteworthy. They both have a steady stream of regulars who swear by their food and will NOT go to the other place no matter the cost; it’s a question of loyalty after all!

Molgapodi Idli @ Wadeshwar | @Image by @nehajainabadkar

Both serve amazing food; Vaishali is known for their Mysore Masala Dosa and Veg Cutlets, while Wadeshwar is known for their Appe and Molgapodi Idli. If you haven’t tried either of these dishes, hurry and get yourself a plate right now.


So for the Vaishali devotees, here’s why you should legit give Wadeshwar a try– the first being the time it takes to find a table here. No alarming waiting hours, the service is extremely prompt and the Molgapodi Idlis are simply delicious. With Wadeshwar, you definitely need to try Rasam Vada, Ghee Idli, and Sponge Dosa.

Appe @ Wadeshwar | Image by @khaopiokhisko

The chaha is slightly better at Wadeshwar and doesn’t take as long to be served as it does in Vaishali. Also, their trademark Rasam Vada with shev still continues to be a hit.

The general Udupi cuisine is much better when it comes to Wadeshwar. But, Wadeshwar’s specialty dish- the Kothimbir Vadi- isn’t as good as you might think it is, greasy and hardly a mouthful.

SPDP @ Vaishali | Image by @puneri_bhukkads

Vaishali has some massively favourable culinary aspects. The filter coffee is undoubtedly the talking point here along with their SPDP, which Wadeshwar sorely lacks. I personally prefer Vaishali’s Mysore Dosa and Uttappa, which is by far the best I’ve ever had. Their Veg Cutlets have always been a crowd favourite too.

Mysore Cheese Dosa @ Vaishali | Image by @mini.rana

I have to give one major point to Vaishali though- a lone branch on FC Road, which singlehandedly does more business than most of the other Udupi restaurants in town.

All in all, it’s obviously hard to pick a clear winner due to both their pros and cons. Both have a history of noteworthy clientele, both share the same nuances with minute differences. Both are much-loved by Punekars!

Rasam Wada @ Wadeshwar | Image by @the_hogblog

As it happens with noteworthy culinary names, their trademark dishes are fantastic and haven’t changed in decades, which is why people adore them so much. So, Pune, who would you pick, and why? And which are your must-eat dishes at either or both of these places? Let us know!

Feature image by @truptid via Instagram

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