V5 makes it a memorable EPIC night!

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So, this bachelor’s party was going to be epic. EPIC! Ravi was the first of us to get hitched. And so, the plan was elaborate. We would catch up at his place, get cabs and head off into the long night. Except, there was one hitch… who would take the photos? The places we were heading to weren’t the brightest and d-uh, it was night. So there was no getting past this issue. An SLR would be too cumbersome to carry and most of our phones (even the super expensive ones) weren’t exactly night photography champions.

As a pre-wedding gift, Ravi had got a Vivo V5 from his wife-to-be. Yep, she’s already proven she’s smart! And the Moonlight Selfie, which creates the lighting effects of a professional photography studio, was going to be our saviour! A few test shots fired under the streetlight outside his home and we’re set. This was, after all, going to be EPIC! And now, we would have good, clear photos to prove (remember?) how epic it truly was!

As the night went on, we realised that the V5 wasn’t just about the camera. All our close-up selfies were making us look better. Face Beauty Mode 6.0 saw to it that we didn’t look bad, no matter what! These are the photos that’ll make it to Facebook!

Through the night, we also found that a lot of folks were eyeing us curiously and it did take a while for us to realise that they were looking at the V5’s ultra-slim frame. Oh, well… they were looking at us!


On a night as EPIC as this one was turning out to be (let the details be, please!), it’s amazing that we didn’t miss a single important moment. And that’s thanks to the fingerprint unlocking feature taking only 0.2 seconds. Imagine! In under a second, you’ve unlocked the phone and are ready to shoot!

The taxi drive back, by when we were quite ‘tired’, was a good opportunity to test out the speakers of the V5 and they ensured that their quality allowed us to mellow down. Next goal is to use these for Ravi’s sangeet! Yep, they’ll do just fine!

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