Visit a post office today!

Nandini Jerajani
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Letters have been the preferred mode of communication across the world for centuries. As the speed of communication has reached breakneck levels, the relevance of these may have reduced, but the carriers of these letters are just as relevant today.

From being romanticised in Bollywood (and global) movies to being the bearer of bad news, the innocuous letter has always had a special place in our hearts.

Books, movies and anecdotes from my grandmom all have stories of how the protagonists would send each other postcards, and the mailman would go on his cycle around the city, handing them to the receivers eagerly waiting for them. My grandmom still keeps all these postcards she got from her friends and family in a small box, all aged and brown, complete with the old book smell.

It’s a time machine of sorts… anytime she opens it, there’s a smile and she is instantly transported back to the time of the letter. And what a ride it must be… remembering from being a little girl playing with and feeding her pets, her college farewell, and her Singapore trip… it’s a lifetime of memories.


But these days, postcards are a very touristy thing. Think of them as a physical connection with the days gone by. Or better still, as bookmarks in the journey of life!

The joy of receiving something in the mail is unique. We cherish it and more so now than before. So on the occasion of the Indian National Post Day today, send someone a postcard. Yes, you’ll have to make the effort of finding your nearest post office (Google can help!) but do it! You’ll be sure to make someone’s day.

And to make the task easier for you, here’s a handmade postcard from me for you to send. Just print it, write your message and send it out.

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