Travel to Winter Wonderland this Christmas!

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Silver bells that chime with every snowfall, fairy lights in each window, cobbled roads filled with eager shoppers and the tingling aroma of hot chocolate and cookies wafting through the air! Isn’t it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? If you are dreaming of the perfect holiday destination this season, then we are here to help. Our little elves have been exploring what the world has to offer and there’s no city that charms us more than a little winter wonderland called London.

At this time of the year, the streets of London are brimming with excited shoppers and the most exquisite of stores that accommodate every taste. To cater to the shopaholic that emerges in even the hardest of hearts at Christmas time, British Airways has exclusive offers for its customers across some of London’s most popular stores. From exquisitely crafted perfumes and impeccable clothing lines to vintage designer wear and exclusive hotel discounts, we’d like to think that all you want for Christmas is right here! Brought to you by the carrier that took ballet to the skies just a few weeks ago, British Airways is all set to make your trip to London one you will never forget. (Did we mention complimentary champagne?)

Tower Bridge, London.
Tower Bridge, London.

No London experience can be complete without Afternoon Tea and just the thought of those mouthwatering cream teas, scones and delicious assortment of savoury goodness makes it a crime not to visit London’s many gorgeous cafes. Flash that British Airways boarding pass and say hello to a very happy Christmas! Find it a little hard to believe? Check out BA’s exclusive offers right here.


This year, the stars have aligned with the exchange rates to make it a holiday that doesn’t exceed your budget. Earlier this year, 1 GBP was worth INR 100. The current exchange rate stands at 1 GBP = INR 82. Do we see the beautiful sight of shopping bags getting bigger? Your brand new two thousand rupee notes are looking a lot prettier now aren’t they?

For those who prefer trees to fees and views rather than dues, we suggest you take a look at London’s enchanting winter surprises. The River Thames lights up every Christmas and New Years with a brilliant display of fireworks that adds the perfect touch to a cold, winter evening. You might even bump into some carol singers on the way! Join in the festivities at Westminster Abbey, one of the world’s greatest Churches. There is nothing more enchanting than the sweet sound of hundreds of strangers gathered together in one voice. At this time of the year the city is alive with ballets, musicals and reenactments of the Christmas story at almost every corner. Brilliant adaptations of Shakespearean marvels and scintillating performances by some of London’s finest talent will move, warm and captivate you. Explore more of London’s many fascinations here.

Cutty Sark
The Cutty Sark

The only thing that compares to Christmas in London is New Year’s in London! Say hello to 2017 with the Vintage New Year’s Eve Party or spend a magical night ice skating at Somerset House. If you’re a fan of the 60’s, then a trip to Leicester Square Theatre for a tribute to Simon and Garfunkel is definitely on the cards for you.

To pen down a list of everything that makes London irresistible this season is pretty much impossible. Every corner holds new wonders and every breath tells the story of magic and wonder. We wish you a journey full of sleigh bells ringing, reindeer singing and a mouthful of Christmas pudding!

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