To Adventures, Stories and Life: Week 4 in the Life of a Non-Punekar

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With this article I proudly complete a whole month in Pune. And what a ride it has been! I’ve seen highs and well, deep lows. I have so many complains, but then have several factors that make living here a joy.

Those who have read about my journey will think I have more negatives to contribute to this city, and I fail to see the beauty it has to offer. Well, let me tell you, how this week went and you can see how Pune fared.

So, this week I was all alone in the city. My partner had to leave town for the whole week and this left me a little scared, a little heartbroken but a lot more determined. I was all set to live a week in the city all by myself. I won’t lie and accept I was scared at first. I have lived alone before in Mumbai, but never was I terrified. It was more of an adventure at the time. Mumbai is much more secure than Pune. It is more convenient and I could move freely even at night. But during my lone time in Pune, I freaked out at the thought of even going out after 9 pm. So basically what I did all weekend? Eat, sleep, watch TV, eat some more, surf and pretty much stayed home.


What was it about the city that made me so panicky? Was it the experiences I had so far? Was it the people who I have dealt with in the city? Or was it because even though being a metro, somehow it is a little orthodox?

While going out late in the evenings, I never had the sense of being safe. What made Pune like this for me? People? Culture? Or the society?  I’m nobody to change the way things work around here, but these things actually affect a person who is now settled in this city.

So in this month, what do we know and what have we learnt?

That transport lacks big time, that Marathi speaking people will look down on you if you don’t speak their language, that everything served here will be spicy, that every place will serve Biryani, that promises are meant to be broken, and so are traffic signals.

But then, Pune also taught me how people will be helpful when you need them, how neighbours are like your family away from family, how foodie this city is, how it mixes traditional and modern people and how it is willing to accommodate everyone that comes here.

So have I become a Punekar now? I think it’s too early to say.

So have I started loving this city? I think it has reached a degree of likeness.

So will I stop writing about my experiences now? Nope, I’ll be back, because there is so much to see, so much to discover and so many adventures to live.

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