This Pune Woman Ran a Marathon Wearing a Navvari Sari and it’s Amazing!

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By now most of you have probably heard of the Pinkathon Pune Marathon, a marathon run by women who believe that a healthy family, healthy nation and a healthy world all starts with healthy, empowered women. The Pinkathon Marathon is a nation-wide initiative and one that’s catching on mighty quick!

Now, meet the fabulous and amazing Mrunal Inamdar, a Pinkathon Ambassador, who successfully finished an entire Marathon wearing a pink Navvari Sari. She initially completed a 165 km run from Pune to Mumbai, and during the last run of 15 km, she joyfully ran wearing the Sari.

Image by The Indian Express

Inamdar said, ““I want people to understand that there is no dress code to run. You can run in anything. I saw people running in branded track pants and felt there was a need to do something different.”


She also said that the Sari is an integral part of our culture and stops many women from engaging in sports; she wanted to change this misconception and speed a message in society.

We’re incredibly proud of her and hope she continues inspiring everyone in Pune and beyond!

News via The Indian Express and Feature image via Mrunal Inamdar

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