This Pune-Based Factory Created the First Copy of India’s Constitution

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It feels as though every single day, we discover something about Pune that continues to amaze us, no? Here’s one more such discovery for you. Papertells, a Pune-based paper factory, once known as Handmade Paper Institute, manufactured the first true copy of the Indian Constitution.

Handmade paper was the brainchild of Punekar and Chemical Scientist Mr. K.B Joshi. Joshi introduced the idea of making paper out of waste material to Mahatma Gandhi, who advised him to set up a commercial unit.

Handmade Paper Institute was inaugurated on August 1, 1940, by Jawaharlal Nehru. In its course of time, it has supplied to nearly 75 different countries, and boasts of producing nearly 500 types of paper.


Papertells has a rich past seeped in history; they also printed wedding cards of the former Prime Minister, the Late Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi! The most amazing part is that the factory still exists today, nearly eight decades later! You can find it in Shivajinagar, next to the Agricultural College.

Hindustan Times

Papertells uses a variety of raw materials, including jute, mill waste and different types of cotton. Their products are said to have a shelf-life of 100–500 years. The materials they use are known to absorb moisture from the air, thus helping the preservation of their products. In fact, they’ve recently introduced silk paper, manufactured from raw silk waste as decorative paper.



Not only is their paper handmade and recycled, but even their methods are 100% eco-friendly; no wood is used in the manufacturing process.


What started as a modest paper-printing factory, today also has a range of other products- files, photo albums, lanterns, notebooks, and decorations, to name a few.

Feature Image: India Gate by Koshy Koshy

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