This Place is Owning the Continental Food Game, Pune!

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Previously on The Punekar, we gave you some serious cocktail goals for the summer, with heavenly, fruity goodness from Café 1730. On popular demand, we also gave you some light bites to go with your drinks. Then we started to think, why stop there?

Café 1730 has so much to offer with their extensive menu – from breakfast, to pizzas and sandwiches, tandoor, North Indian, Goan and continental – that we’ve decided to give you a virtual tasting of everything! Up next is a sneak peak at their continental menu. I can already taste the olive oil and basil in my mouth – Mmm!

Fillet Steak – Mercury Magic


Let’s jump right into it with the top favourite of meat lovers, the tender Cara beef steak served with a sauce of your choice – pepper, mushroom or red wine sauce. The steak is slow cooked to perfection that you’ll forget it’s not actual beef. The flavours are strong but wonderful. My personal favourite has always been the pepper sauce, although the other two come up pretty close.

Grilled Chicken

Who doesn’t love grilled chicken? Simple, healthy and naturally tasty. 1730 makes it even better by serving it with a sauce of your choice. The Herb sauce gives it a very fresh, Italian flavour and is perfect paired with some red wine. The Honey Dijon has just a slightly sweeter taste and is great if you’re in the mood for a glass of white. The Pepper and Mushroom Sauces are comparatively much creamier and richer flavours.

Pulled Pork

Tender pork meat marinated in fresh herbs and slow cooked until its juices run out so it’s cooked in its own flavours. The pork is then shredded and served with your choice of sides and sauces!

Risotto with Parmesan

Making a good risotto is no easy feat – most places end up serving it rather bland, especially for Indian taste-buds, or a little undercooked, making it hard to swallow. Here the Arborio rice is cooked in a vegetable broth so the flavours seep in and set deeply. It is then served with grated parmesan cheese for a wee bit of extra stringy!

Moussaka (Veg/Chicken)

Ah, the dish that is an art of its own. With each spoonful you pick up a melange of 4 – 5 layers that create a beautiful medley on your tastebuds. Melted cheese rolled with fresh spinach and the smoky taste of the aubergines, infused with the rich flavours of the béchamel sauce – white sauce with herbs. Wow.


Grabbing a beer with your buds or just grabbing a Bud? Pizza is any day the best choice in a group, although you might not feel like sharing the pizza here! Just saying! Café 1730 has a range of thin crust pizzas that are all baked in house from scratch! It is one of the few places where you’ll find some authentic Italian pizzas, rather than fast food pizzas that have become increasingly popular.

They serve pizzas like the Pizza Con Quattro Formaggi – the four cheese pizza, and the Pizza Con Cipolle E Olive, pizza with sweet onions contrasted by the salty, bitter olives – a classic! Their toppings include everything from veg to chicken, beef, pork, tandoor, mixed meat, Italian sausages and Goan sausage. In fact, you can opt for a Pizza Quattro Stagioni, where the pizza is divided into 4 and each section has different toppings! Didn’t I tell you it’s the best choice for a group?

Sorry for the long post, here’s a quiche –


Café 1730’s quiches are an all-time favourite snack of mine with a good cup of Cappuccino – which is also great here by the way! The quiches are small, baked tarts (not sweet tarts, mind you) with a filling of your choice – chicken, ham, corn and mushroom – mixed with cheese.

*BRB need a snack break now*

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