This NGO is Making a Huge Difference for Children in Shelter Homes!

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Make A Difference (MAD)’s pioneering research commissioned by DXC Technologies, on long-term outcomes for the Children in Need of Care and Protection (CNCP), gave life to their latest campaign called #BrokenIsBeautiful.

According to MAD’s research, a shocking revelation was the high prevalence of ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) and its effects on long term life outcomes for children in need of care and protection leading to early death.

As per the research, the majority (71%) of those adults who were interviewed had undergone adverse childhood experiences (ACE) ranging from singular or layered experiences of violence (38%) and deprivation (32%), to neglect or lack of attention and appropriate care (24%), fear of their personal safety (12%), and abuse (7%) before being placed in care.



Today, more than 60% of the world population has experienced at least 1 ACE and a quarter has experienced 4+ ACEs as per the study conducted by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. Research also suggests that Obesity, Alcoholism, Depression and early death can be linked to prevalence of ACE.

The purpose of Broken Is Beautiful campaign is to create awareness about ACEs, its effects, and how a simple solution can reverse the effects of long-term exposure to ACE.

Starting this September, MAD is running online campaigns, local offline campaigns and events on a national scale. Through this campaign, MAD is releasing their pioneering research on Mapping Long Term Adult Outcomes of Institutionalisation for Children in India.


The campaign is inspired by the Japanese art form ‘Kintsugi”- the art of embracing damage! It’s taking place in 23 cities across India; they were in Pune last Saturday (September 21)!

Make A Difference is an award winning organisation working in 23 cities in India with the long-term goal of driving transformative life outcomes on par with the middle-class for Children in Need of Care and Protection (CNCP).


MAD’s has won a lot of awards for excellence, including

  1. Winner of the Ashoka Staples Youth Social Entrepreneur Competition 2008
  2. Nobel Laureate of the Karamveer Puraskar awarded by ICongo – 2009
  3. Cordes Fellow Award – 2010
  4. World Summit Youth Award – 2011,
  5. Starbucks Youth ActionNet Award – 2011
  6. iVolunteer Award – 2013,
  7. eNGO Award – 2014.


​Make A Difference’s work in India has also been recognized by several eminent people, including Michelle Obama who chose MAD as one of the few organisations to visit on her trip to India in 2010. Make A Difference was also one of only four NGOs selected from across the entire Commonwealth to launch the Queen’s Young Leaders Trust via the first Royal Google+ Hangout .

Recently the organisation was featured in the 100 Great Places to Work (India) list, being awarded the 6th position.

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