This New Pune-Based Company is Adventure Goals

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How many of us sit in front of our computers at jobs that get on our nerves? Or pour over our college assignments day in and day out just wishing for an escape? Many of us crave for an easy kind of getaway, an outdoor adventure, but planning one sometimes requires a lot of time and effort. That is the same thought Gautam Taode had when he decided to create GT Adventures almost a year ago.

Gautam is a professional mountain biker who decided it was time to bring some adventure into people’s lives. He started off by recruiting me as his COO. From there, it was a slow and steady path to creating a unique adventure company that people would trust to take them on mind-blowing trips or relaxing getaways.

For now, the company is still a startup and there are lots of hurdles to cross and contacts to form before the real hard work starts. For example, now, GT Adventures focuses on private tours, taking only 3-4 people at a time in a private vehicle from your doorstep to the destination and back. Let us delve into the few things that this company offers:


Treks: Hiking is an amazing experience, GT Adventures caters to people ranging from first-time trekkers to more advanced ones. Treks are organised around Pune, in a 200-km radius to various forts and hills. For people who love the outdoors and also like a bit of exercise, these treks are brilliant. You will also get a chance to visit old forts and learn about the history of the monuments.

Camping: A lot of people enjoy the whole appeal of camping in the great outdoors, though not many people actually have the equipment for it. That is where GT Adventures steps in, with high-quality tents, sleeping bags, and other camping necessities; going for a trip will be as easy as ever. Camping does not necessarily mean going to a spot, pitching a tent and sleeping. It could involve trekking, fishing, recreational activities found at the spot and then, at the end of the night, settling down around a bonfire. These camps even include cooking your own food with equipment that will be packed and brought beforehand for the real adventurous folks out there!

Mountain Biking: Considering the founder is a sponsored mountain biker, of course, one of the main focuses of this company is just that! Gautam has taught many people the intricacies of mountain biking which is not as easy as it sounds. Who better than to teach you than a seasoned athlete who has been racing across the world for almost a decade. He has also organised training camps in the North East for people who were eager to delve into the world of mountain biking.

Another focus of GT Adventures is adventures on demand, where people can choose a destination and have a whole adventure planned for them with an itinerary and equipment ready beforehand (including private tours and camps). Gautam Taode’s future for this company is the idea to get more and more people interested in outdoor activities. What is the fun with going to parties every weekend? Wouldn’t you want to have epic stories to tell people besides the usual bar cliches? Let’s do this!

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