This is What Punekars Living Across the World Miss the Most About Pune

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A splash of colors on the canvas, this is how I’d like to think of this amazing city. There’s something in it for everyone, we all have that one thing which keeps us hooked on to Pune. When I was in Prague, I missed Pune in all its glory, not just because it’s my hometown; I missed even the traffic jams, which I thought was something I could live without. So I asked a few of my friends (who aren’t in Pune anymore but they’re still Punekars at heart) as to what they miss the most about this city. Their answers are bound to make you smile. After all, Pune and nostalgia is a heady combination in itself!

Aaradhya, Melbourne

Undoubtedly, the weather! Pune monsoons were one of the few reasons I didn’t mind being clingy about this city. Sitting on my terrace with hot chai and watching the glistening landscape brings back so many memories! Also, I miss Sinhagad Fort a lot. It was my weekend thing to do.


Rohit, Washington

Bipin’s sabudana khichadi. I know it sounds weird, but Pune is a taste for me along with being a memory. I would drive all the way from Bavdhan just for a steaming hot plate of khichadi on Saturday morning. My entire childhood can be summed up in that one delicious plate.

Lokesh, Denver

Physical aspects and places aside, the only thing I can think of is Puneri sarcasm. It’s so wicked! Here, in Denver, people think sarcasm is rude. I wonder what they’ll think of Pune if they knew the level of our sarcasm.

Shreya, Singapore

No matter the steady development, Pune’s culture is still the most prominent source of nostalgia. The people are still attached to their Marathi roots and it’s definitely impressive. From the shuddha Marathi to Puranachi Poli, Pune will always be proud of its Marathi culture! And so am I!

Nilesh, Tokyo

When I think of Pune, all I can think of is Laxmi Road on Ganpati Visarjan. I used to play Dhol for Ramanbaug and I have some of my best Pune memories during those days. The entire city would join in the festivities and it was such a musical, electrifying atmosphere. Truly memorable!

Prajakta, Barcelona

Despite being in a big city with lots of amazing malls, I miss Pune’s Tulsibaug and Laxmi Road. I think there was this familiar feeling of just heading out and shopping with my mother, which was a huge stress buster for me. We don’t realise the simplicity of some things until we start missing them, and I would literally drop everything and fly to India for just another day of shopping with my mother!

Adwaiet, Munich

I think Pune has some of the best katta places to hangout. Before these coffee shops became a trend, I remember hanging out with my friends at Tilak and Amruteshwar. Local chai tapris, which had steaming hot chai and endless conversations. Even Café Goodluck, Paradise and Vaishali, they were typical eateries you would have to wait for hours to get in, but it was so worth it!

So there you go, your fellow Punekars have confided what they miss the most about the city. What’s the one thing you miss the most? We’d love to hear from you!

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