These Spiciest of Chicken Curries in Pune are Food Goals

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We all love some level of spice in our food. Most of our palates have evolved to handle a very high level of spiciness. Here are some of our picks for the must try spicy Chicken Curries that Pune has to offer. We assure you they score high on the Scoville Heat Unit Scale. Get on this trail before Shravan begins, Punekars!

Maratha Samrat

Image: Maratha Samrat

The Kolaphuri Chicken here is a hit. Chicken curry is also served in the Chicken Thali. Don’t miss their Solkadhi. They have two locations- Kothrud and Baner.


Hotel Kaveri

Located in Wagholi, this is a no frills joints. The fiery food here is local speciality. The Gavaran Chicken Rassa is to die for.


Ask for a few extra tissues to wipe up after eating their Chicken Malawani Curry. This place has been around for a while in Lulla Nagar and the food is still up to the mark.

SP’s Biryani House

Don’t let the name fool you. Yes, they are known for their Biryanis but their Chicken Kolhapuri has a serious kick. Try it with their Bhakris. This favourite Pune joint is located in Sadashiv Peth.


They have six outlets spread across the city and with good reason. The Chicken Tikka Masala will make your tongue sizzle and burn. Spicy food goals!

Kolhapuri Katta

Chicken Handi and the Chicken Kolhapuri have the same amount of heat. If you can handle any one of them, then more power to you. Located in Bibvewadi and Sinhagad Road.


The Oasis Chicken Handi is no joke. If you have the stomach, you can always tell them to make it extra spicy. This establishment in a Pune Camp icon.

Just a little tip- milk works much better than water to stop the burning in your mouth and stomach. Also, you might want to keep some Eno handy. Happy eating, Punekars!

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