The Wari in pictures

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The city is changing each passing day, growing and developing into a metropolitan city. However, what makes Pune a cultural hub even today are its traditions, and the palkhi plays an significant role in keeping alive the various traditions of the city. Each year, the warkaris come to the city and Punekars get a glimpse of the palkhi and the various people it brings together. This year too, when the warkaris came to Pune, they were received by a crowd of devotees and believers, and also those who looked to capture the brilliance of the event through pictures.

We have talked about the wari in the past, through articles written by our writers on the event. While Amit Singh wrote about his first experience with the wari and gave us an outsider’s view to the event through his article ‘When the warkaris came visiting‘, Sapna Sarfare shed some light over the tradition and how it came about through her article ‘A matter of faith‘. This year, we decided to let photographers in Pune do the talking and bring you various glimpses of the wari in pictures:

Clicked by: Shantanu Prasade


Clicked by: Sana Sohoni
Sana’s blog: Photo Chronicles

Clicked by: Kaiwalya Chaya Rangari
Facebook Page: Klicks of Kai

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