The Wackiest Cocktails in Pune

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We Punekars are a crazy lot. And so are our cocktails! From mummy ka pickle to hajmola-infused concoctions, we’re proving that unpredictability can be awfully fun! If you’re bored of the old gin and tonic and want to bring the IQ (Interesting Quotient) of your evening several notches up, we have some real audacious cocktails for you to try in the city.

Raasta Café – Red Belly, Tea Leaves and Coffee Beans, The Purple Soul, Paan Mojito


Raasta Café is a chilled out watering hole that is perfect for a casual evening out. Their bartender has sure redefined cocktail-drinking and we’re not complaining! Try the jamun infused sweet and sour vodka cocktail, Purple Soul, that leaves a taste of summer in your mouth. The feisty Red Belly combines red bell peppers with coriander and vodka. We also love the unconventional combination of earl grey tea infused vodka with egg whites in Tea Leaves and Coffee Beans or the evergreen Paan Mojito that packs in quite a punch!


Urban Foundry: Albela Aam ya Chulbuli Imly, Big Babool


The guys at Urban Foundry have given us major nostalgia with their whacko cocktails. Choose from Albela Aam or Chulbuli Imly flavour of Hajmola candy that will make the humble Smirnoff and lime a firecracker combination. Or ask for the Big Babool, which is a drink with bubble gum infused Vodka that will take you back to your school days albeit with a bit of a hangover!

Frozen Monkey: Acharito, Ice Candy Margarita, Spicy Guava Bloody Mary

Frozen Monkey ups the game with their inventive concoctions that take us back to our favorite flavors of all time. Whether it’s the mojito that is “Indianised” with the good ol’ nimbu ka achaar, Bloody Mary that tastes like roadside spicy guava or your favorite ice candy dunked in margarita, you’re spoilt for choice here!

Bombay Barcode: Pani Puri Caipiroska, Kala Khatta, Imli Mojito, Iced Peru, Aam Panna


What’s better than having the grown up version of pani puri and aam panna?! Bombay Barcode has nailed it with their innovative cocktails that quite honestly touch the cockles of your heart. The Kala Khatta cocktail is slurpin’ delicious and the Aam Panna is the best way to have this summery drink! Hic!

Farzi Café – Apple Foamtini, Chai Paani, Three Musketeers


Farzi Café deserves all the tall praises it’s getting, especially for its dramatic cocktails that are served in an extremely awe-inspiring way; the ethereal smoke out of the Apple Foamtini or the familiar-yet-different flavours of the Chai Paani that is a complete molecular makeover of a tea-infused cocktail. Three Musketeers is a playful drink that marries orange, chocolate syrup and spices with whiskey for a delightful experience. You can thank me later!

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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