The Secret Summer Pune Getaway You Didn’t Know About!

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A cool breeze wafts gently around your face as you sit by the bonfire gazing into the flickering flames. A cricket chirps somewhere nearby and you look up to see an ocean of stars. A guitar strums and a sweet voice echoes around the campsite. The smell of something barbecued and something divine distracts you for awhile…Doesn’t sound like your regular weekend shenanigans does it?

Well, welcome to just an another summer night at Camp Deogadh! Situated just about an hour from Pune, Camp Deogadh isn’t your ordinary campsite. It’s a place where artists and lovers of art and all things beautiful come to nurture their passions and talents. Some nights the campsite hosts musicians from Bombay or Pune who serenade campers with some peaceful acoustic numbers.

Other times the campsite welcomes yoga groups, art camps, dance groups and anything else you can think of! Annabelle Desylva, who runs Camp Deogadh says, “We plan to make this a hub for passion based activities against the backdrop of nature. All the other campsites in the area simply have their guests party to loud music. We are not in that space. We want Deogadh to be a place where our guests can combine passion with fun in a quiet, peaceful environment.”


A great campsite, phenomenal views and wonderful entertainment comes with just one dire necessity: Good Food. The camp has a team of local chefs and connoisseurs of the Maharashtrian cuisine who conjure up some dangerous chicken curry. Be careful, you’ll always want more. No need to worry about overdosing on the food because Pawna lake is just a few steps away and lends an open invitation to all for a swim! (Standard rules apply. Don’t drink and swim. Don’t swim if you can’t. And don’t litter in the lake.)

For the adventurous ones the campsite is very close to some excellent trekking routes like Tikona Fort and Bedse Caves. The mighty Tungi Fort stands directly across the lake and makes for some gorgeous sunset photography. We also recommend early morning runs around the lake and afternoon swims!

The family also runs Deogadh the Homestay which is just a stone’s throw away. It offers the same amenities except you stay in a lovely house in the hills overlooking the lake with a fantastic barbecue experience at night. The Homestay aims at creating as many happy family memories as possible. They have hosted a wedding, a 40th birthday for 50 guests, a Ganpati lunch and even a first death anniversary reunion with a family who were happy to pray and celebrate the life of their mother/grandmother by being close to nature. “The experience brought them a lot of peace and closure in their lives,” Annabelle said.

The campsite is currently hoping to bring in more creative activities like theatre workshops, standup comedy, poetry readings, indie film screenings, yoga camps and lots more.

To host events or know more about current events at Camp Deogadh, stay tuned to their Facebook page.

To book your camping trip, give them a call at 9820045921.

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