The Punekar’s Food Guide for FC Road!

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Pune’s FC Road has a plethora of dining options and sometimes it can get overwhelming if you don’t really know what you want to eat or which place has the best of what you want! So when in doubt, never ever pout. Sit back, grab some snacks, and go through our food guide; we’re giving you some seriously delicious options!


The most important meal of the day needs to be hearty, filling, and delicious. Never compromise on breakfast, and when on FC Road, don’t you dare think about skipping it! Now of course, there are a few golden tried and tested restaurants in the locality like Vaishali, Rupali, and Wadeshwar, the three golden meccas for South Indian cuisine. Get your fill of some healthy, delicious breakfast or brunch at either of these places. If you are in the mood for coffee, try the filter coffee at Vaishali. If you prefer western food, head to Yolkshire (Smashed Egg Meatballs and Eggwich!). Of course, there’s always Cafe Goodluck!


Marrakesh – Image by @the_hogblog

Post shopping spree can cause a serious case of cravings; and if you’re facing a similar dilemma, worry not! If you haven’t dined at Marrakesh, here’s the perfect opportunity to grab a Shawarma Roll. Not what you need? How about some delicious Burgers? Burger King’s bang in the middle of the area. If you want a chilled coffee, hit the Starbucks for a Frappe or Shake!

Afternoon Snacks
Cafe Kathaa – Image by @timarch05

I usually crave sandwiches when I’m in a grouchy afternoon hungry mood, so Café Kathaa, Culture, or even Flavor Street offer the perfect options for me. Falahaar is another excellent option for some quick, healthy fruit snacks if you’re watching your carbs. If nothing works, stop by for some quick food at Horn OK Please, a local favourite!

Kok-Pa Chinese – Image by @food_pangs

The last meal should technically be light, but just indulge us for a minute here. Most people usually crave some greasy Chinese for dinner, so if you’re in the same zone, Kok Pa Chinese or the Wok are excellent options. Craving some Indian food? Okay, go for Chaitanya Parathas or the FC Road Social for some amazing fusion food. There are two superb food trucks on FC Road that are open post 6 pm- Nina Pinta Santamaria (good for Crepes) and Street Stopper (good for Burger, Chilli Toast and Pav Bhaji).

Frozen Bottle

FC Road has just the right dessert options to spoil you. Grab a delicious shake at the Frozen Bottle, or even a CAD B/M if you still have some room left in your stomach. London Bubble Co. serves some heavenly desserts too if you haven’t tried yet, and last but not the least, chew on a juicy paan from the paanwala next to Vaishali!

So, Pune, which one’s your favourite and did it make the list or did we miss it? Either way, comment and let us know so we can make a Part II soon! 

Feature image by @timarch05 via Instagram

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