The Punekar Talks to Neha Dhupia and Zareen Khan

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It can’t be denied that Pune is climbing up the fashion ladder at a good pace to join the fashion capitals of India. And, to contribute to this rise, the curtain raiser of ‘The Winter Affair’- a bridal wear fashion show by eminent designer, Archana Kochhar witnessed Neha Dhupia and Zareen Khan gracing the occasion and expressing their excitement for the main event on November 13.  So, grabbing the opportunity, we caught up with both the actresses and dug out their lesser known aspects.

Since a young age, every girl wishes to be a bride. What kind of bride do you want to be?

Neha Dhupia – Honestly, I never dreamt of becoming a bride as such. The longer you stay single, the more you become wary of testing the waters of marriage. I am not saying I will never get married, but if and when I do, I would wear an all white attire. I have always fancied white ensembles.

Zareen Khan – I think, these days girls are scared of getting married and I will include myself too. Also, the kind of groom I want, I do not think exists (laughs). Whenever I  will find my perfect match, I would like to get married. And, I want to look beautiful on my wedding day while being comfortable to enjoy my moments.


Did you think you were a fashionista while growing up?

Neha Dhupia – For me, fashion is comfort. I used to wear my brother’s clothes while growing up and I enjoyed it. Well, I can’t really say whether I was or am a fashionista but comfort is the key.

Zareen Khan – No, not at all. I was not style conscious. I still do not think I am a fashionista.

Did you always want to be an actress?

Neha Dhupia – No, I wanted to be an athlete. I have good eye-hand coordination and now I use it for dancing.

Zareen Khan – I aspired to be a doctor and if I got a chance again to go back in time and choose, I would probably be a doctor.

What do you enjoy in Pune?

Neha Dhupia – I do not really get time to relax in Pune as I always come for work and leave. Nonetheless, I love the chikkis that are available on the Pune-Mumbai highway and I am planning to buy them today.

Zareen Khan – I just love coming to German Bakery and gorge on all the delicacies there. I am a big foodie and hence, it is my favourite thing to do.

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