The Punekar talks to Anupam Kher

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PILF, Day 3: The last day of the festival marked the presence of Anupam Kher, making it the best finale possible. And, he was at his candid best while addressing the crowd. Read up on for our talk with him on his life, failures and more…

You are now an author as well. Your book, ‘The best thing about you is you’ went on to become a best seller. Are you planning another book?

Yes, very much. My next book ‘Not an accidental nationalist’ will be out soon.

You never shy away from talking about your failures. What makes you so comfortable?


I believe that I am a sum total of my failures. I vividly remember, in our times, you were promoted to class eleventh even before the board exam results and if you failed, you had to step back to class tenth. So, while I was enjoying class eleventh, one day my father came and asked me to bunk school and spend time with him. Excited enough, I agreed. He then asked me where I wanted to go. I had a fancy restaurant in my mind but I said Nathu Sweets because according to the family ritual, we went once in six months to that fancy restaurant and it had only been two months since we visited. Surprisingly, my dad took me to the fancy restaurant and even gave an extra tip to the waiter than he usually did. I asked him why and he replied “You failed your board exams and we are celebrating it.” That blew my fear of failing and when you do not fear failure, you do the best things in life without any worry.

Are you an avid reader?

Yes, very much so. I read everything from Mayapuri to Times magazine. In fact, when I was studying acting even before going to NSD, I was introduced to books related to theatres across the world. I was so fascinated that I read all of them that year and that definitely helped me to hone my acting skills.

Do you still enjoy fame? 

Absolutely! I would be devastated if people would stop recognising me.

How do you feel about Pune?

It is one of my favourite cities and trust me I don’t say this about every place. I have spent my FTII phase here and they were the most amazing days of my life.

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