The Punekar Meets Ustad Zakir Hussain at PIFF 2017

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He has that little mischievousness in his eyes, that little twinkle when he smiles and when he speaks the ‘bol’ of the tabla, the audience simply can’t stop from applauding. That is Ustad Zakir Hussain. “I am stunned and simply can’t believe that I am here to receive the prestigious Sachin Dev Burman Award at PIFF! It is indeed a blessing to be awarded such an award in a city which appreciates music and culture.”

My main love is performing live in concert and being on the road most of the time, doesn’t allow me a lot of time to devote to composing music for films” when questioned about why he has not been active in composing and giving music for films.

But if independent filmmakers are keen on having music composed, he will have to accommodate according to his travels. Aparna Sen travelled all the way to the US where Ustadji was performing music for Mr and Mrs Iyer. Though he would love to compose music for commercial films, he finds it feasible to work for independent films as they can be done in an allotted or stipulated time unlike commercial films where one has to be present throughout.

Zakir is also very much in tune with today’s music scenario and has immense respect for musicians like Shankar Ehsan Loy, Salim Sulaiman  and other contemprory musicians for their ablility to  compose fusion music.


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