The Punekar at PILF: In Conversation with Mrinal Kulkarni

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Interestingly, the first day of PILF (Pune International Literary Festival) evoked the child in all the millennials there because of the presence of Mrinal Kulkarni, who we fondly remember as ‘Son Pari’. However, apart from doing great as an actress in Marathi and Hindi cinema, she has written and directed two Marathi films – ‘Prem Manjhe Prem     Manjhe Prem Asta’ and ‘Rama Madhav’. Adding on, she is gracious too. Seeing my awed fan face, she sweetly replied to all my questions…

As you have ventured into direction, what do you enjoy more – acting or filmmaking?      

Acting is a pampering job; you get a lot of luxuries as an actor but filmmaking is quite a task and takes at least a year of your life, making you super proud of the end result. So both are satisfying in their own way.

When is your third film coming as a director?


(Smiles) I will make the announcement in December or January.

Which brings me to the question, are you a strict director?

What do you think? Yes, I am, but with a smile and a lot of passion.

Do you see yourself coming back on Hindi television?

Hmmm, no plans as if now.

You are a Pune girl. How do you feel about the city? 

 I love the city. It is culturally very rich and I, as a creative person, adore that aspect.

Lastly, it is often said that it is tough for women directors in the Indian scenario. What’s your take on that? 

To be honest, it was easy for me. I knew all in the industry by the virtue of being an actress and hence, I did not have to struggle. So, the gender issue has never hit me.

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