The Foodcoma You Need To Be Prepared For This Pujo

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Pujo season is here! Yes, it’s right around the corner and the Bengali in me is excited.

It’s that time of the year when Bengalis all over the world come together to celebrate the victory of good over evil with enthusiasm, pomp and style. Long queues outside pandals, aarti and bhog, women stepping out in their finest outfits, food stalls thronging with people of all ages… it’s that time of the year when the entire city is dominated by the Bengalis. And with such grand festivities come grand foods that you absolutely MUST NOT ignore. Here are some of the dishes I recommend you try this season –

Kosha Mutton/Chicken



Spicy Bengali mutton/chicken curry that will have you licking your fingers till the very end. Juicy pieces of meat cooked in yogurt, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves and spices- this dish is a favorite that every Bengali has grown up eating. It’s eaten with rice, luchi (puri) or even parathas.



‘Frankies’ are a popular street food item in Bengal. They are maida/wheat rolls with fillings ranging from potatoes to chicken. The thick layering of the egg in the paratha roll along with the juiciness of chicken served with mint chutney leaves everyone asking for more. Easy to eat, and not heavy on the pocket either!

Fish Delicacies


We’re hardcore fish dishes’ lovers but plain and simple, batter-dipped, bread-coated pieces of fish fried crispy brown- you’re going to enjoy this preparation even if you are not a sea food fan! It’s served with ketchup (or mustard sauce, which is a better alternative) and compliments the dish really well. A great snack to be eaten at any time of the year!



You have gol gappas, pani puris and then you have phuchkas. These are sweeter compared to the pani puris available in the city. Puchkas are a spicy, tangy and thirst quenching street food that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.



No Bengali food is complete without sweets.There are not many Indians who can stop after eating one of the juicy, white, spongy goodness that is rosgulla.

Mishti Doi


Misti doi is a jaggery based sweet, thick yogurt. The velvety smoothness of the curd is served in clay pots that lends an earthen flavour to the dish. A definite must have!

Here’s wishing everyone a prosperous festive season. Happy feasting!

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