11 Delicious Puneri Dishes Under Hundred Bucks Only!

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Finding a pocket-friendly meal seems to be getting harder these days in Pune. A hundred bucks isn’t what it used to be when it comes to filling your belly. Fortunately, we here at The Punekar have you covered. Listed here are the yummiest locals meals you can eat for under Rs. 100!

Garden Vada Pav

Hot Vada’s, soft bread, tangy chutney with fried green chilies, two of these with masala tak for under 50 bucks. Can’t beat that.   



Pune’s iconic Vaishali still serves their Idli Sambhar with Chutney for Rs. 60. Add a chai to that and your meal is complete in a hundred bucks.


We all grew up with the taste of chutney sandwich and this M.G Road eatery makes some of the best. You get a sandwich and one of their thick shakes in our price range.

Bedekar Tea Stall

For us Punekars, Misal is not food but an emotion and Bedekar lies at the heart of it all. One plate of misal with some Kokum sharbat and you are sorted.

Kapila Kathi Kebab

This Kolkata dish has become a must-have here; Egg roll with a soft drink way under the budget.

Nandus Paratha


Served with yogurt and daal, their Parathas will not only make your stomach happy but also make your pockets smile.

Vohuman Café

Their famous egg and cheese omelette along with tea is unbelievably under Rs. 100.

A-1 Sandwich

One of the first sandwich vendors in our city serve their three slice veg sandwich with heaps of grated cheese and a lot of flavour.

Mayur Pav Bhaji

Their Amul Pav bhaji is still under the limit. It’s spicy and full of flavour with Amul butter toasted pav.


The Sabudana Khichdi here is in a league of its own. Try that with the Raw Mango panna and go home happy and rich.

Kalyan Bhel

Good Bhel along with kulfi for 100 bucks and a ton of locations to choose from, can you really go wrong with that?

These are some of our picks. Let us know some of yours? Happy eating and saving!

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