The All-Women Task Force of Pune – Damini Squad!

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If you’ve been living in Pune city for a fairly long time, you’ll agree that the city is comparatively safer that a bunch of other cities in the county. However, over the past few years, there has been a spike in the street crime rate against female residents in the city. And while CCTV cameras and local jurisdiction does most of the safekeeping, neither of them can safeguard residents in certain scenarios.

Source: The Indian Express

In such situations or scenarios, enter Damini Squad, a unique safety patrolling task force designed by and for women comes to the rescue. Comprising of 33 female cops dressed in commando uniforms, the squad helps out females in distressed situations on the streets and away from them.

Formed on July 8, 2015, alongside the Bharosa Cell headed by Vijaya Karande, the squad recently completed four years! It has received tremendous response from the public and has been widely successful when it comes to preventing crime against women and punishing the guilty.


Source: Loksatta

Just in 2019 alone, action has been taken against over 225 people under the the Motor Vehicle (MV) Act and around 48 people under the Bombay Police (BP) Act. Damini Marshals have also lodged 97 complaints against people for harassment of females commuting to their places of study/work.

They also create awareness amongst women of various age groups that include workshops on self-defence training.  They can be reached via the 1091 helpline for women. The squad is active from 8 am to 8 pm, and they patrol the streets, covering vast areas and busy localities around the city.

Rescuing a female infant dumped in a well-known area, arresting thieving women, rescuing minor runaways, preventing subsides are just some examples of the amazing work the squad is carrying out. We couldn’t be more proud of this bad*ss gang!

Feature image and news source: The Indian Express

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