7 On-Point Traits of Puneri Women

Hello and welcome to this land of beauty, tradition, modernity and a fair bit of confused identity that we like to call Pune. The woman brigade of this city has always been rather (in)famous for their killer attitudes, what we in Pune like to call ‘Maaz’. The legends say that the women of this city exhibit certain traits that make us ‘royalty’ and separate us from the rest of the ‘commoners’. So, let’s find out, shall we?


Don’t be Sexist, Drinking Women Help Run the Economy

‘Free drinks for all the lovely ladies before nine p.m.’. If you haven’t heard that yet, you’re probably living under a rock, or worse- in a dry state. We live in a country where female post graduate students are asked by their own professors why they bothered with the time, money and effort for their […]


Pune, Come And Boost Your Business!

Pune, come and boost your business!

Pagadi che bol

Puneri maangein poori karo!

Pune’s wish list for 2014…