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Pune Peeps, Did You Know About the Bottoms Up Festival?

Party people in Pune, do we have some news for you, or what?! Till June 30, you can get up to 40% off on your alcohol bill at some of the most premium places in the city!

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7 Superb Places in Pune for Fantastic Live Music

Pune being the kaleche maherghar, every art form has thrived and developed here. Our city has always been blessed with tremendous artists, especially musicians. The country’s three biggest music festivals happen in Pune- Savai Gandharva, NH7, and Supersonic.

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7 Places in Pune That Play Amazing Music!

Music is greatly responsible for the vibe of a place, and luckily, Pune has several places which play amazing music! Whether it may be a cup of coffee or a few beers, these places make you want to stay there for a long time. Check out this list of places in Pune; some names might be familiar, but revisit them and focus on the music. You’ll rediscover the place!

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7 Summer Cocktails You Must Try at Our Current Favourite Spot!

Imagine this: It’s sunny and sweltering outside; your clothes are sticking onto you with sweat. Sitting coolly to one side, unperturbed by India’s patented prickly heat is tall glass holding a swirly, colourful beverage with little droplets of moisture sliding down the sides. You lick your lips and picture yourself wrapping your hand around it, a cold feeling washing down as you take a large swig. It is literally the sexiest scene imaginable this summer, isn’t it? We’re here to give you exactly that feeling and more, with some of the most delicious summer cocktails you can find in town at Café 1730.


#PunekarDrinks: Pune Beer Trail (Part I)

The best breweries in Pune!