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Anonymous Confession of an Uber Driver in Pune

“Ask him”, my friend whispers while nudging me gently. We’re on our way to the airport and our Uber driver is gently tapping the steering wheel while humming Chikni Chameli, a Red FM favorite. Sigh. So I clear my throat and introduce myself, he looks puzzled and disinterested to say the least. After hearing my question, his immediate response is, “Company wale kadhun taktil naukri varna”


Don’t be Sexist, Drinking Women Help Run the Economy

‘Free drinks for all the lovely ladies before nine p.m.’. If you haven’t heard that yet, you’re probably living under a rock, or worse- in a dry state. We live in a country where female post graduate students are asked by their own professors why they bothered with the time, money and effort for their […]