10 Fun Activities to Keep You Busy this Summer

Do you remember the time when you sat in your office or classroom and day dreamed about summer and the infinite possibilities it held for you? Well, now it’s finally here and as usual after a week or two of it gone you have no idea how to kill time…

Pagadi che bol

Exploring iconic structures via Google: Good or bad?

With Google street view, anyone can now explore the Taj Mahal with a 360 degree panoramic imagery of the monument. With other monuments in its plan, we try to understand how the new project can help tourism in India and particularly, Pune.

Connecting Points Diwali

My Diwali Wishlist

If you want the city to be the coolest city, we need some things spruced up. We create a small wishlist for this Diwali which can act as pointers for those who call themselves the authorities of our great city..