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Copper Chimney Leads Pune to Unforgettable Indian Cuisine

Indian Food, Made Unforgettable!


Only a Puneri Monsoon Can Give You These Feels

Did you know that the smell of the first rain after a long, dry and warm period is called petrichor? I didn’t, at least not until Buzzfeed told me. What I did know is how it made me feel.

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The Punekar – Meet the Editor-in-Chief

The Punekar has slowly grown to be an integral part of the lives of thousands in the city, and Apeksha Khanchandani has been a driving force behind this. We all have fond memories of scrolling through articles talking about the best cheesecakes in the city (mmmmmmm PBC!), the most romantic restaurants in Pune (hello Level 12!), the best breakfast places in the city (hey Yezdan) and a lot more.


Awesome Places to Shop in Koregaon Park!

The best places to shop in Koregaon Park, Pune

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#PunekarLists: 6 Types of Potholes on Pune's Roads

A hilarious list describing the 6 types of potholes on Pune’s roads.