Book Reviews

Book Review: Superman Unchained

Is this the best Superman we have seen since the new 52? We tell it to you in this review of the new Superman comic…

Movie Review

Movie Review: Man of Steel (Yawn!)

Following such epics as The Dark Knight and even The Dark Knight Rises, one expects nothing less than awesomeness from Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300). Unfortunately, in Man of Steel, that doesn’t happen.

Pagadi che bol

Pune's heroes

We live in Kaliyug, the era when evil overshadows the good. But some Punekars are a stark reminder that the good still survives in some of us. Gotham has a Dark Knight, Metropolis has Superman, Pune has a true Punekar, one who lies in each of us. Our powers are limited, our actions might not be too […]