Performers missing the audience's applause

Music, students, counts, steps and the voice of an instructing teacher. This sounds like a quintessential dance class. But no, it’s not. It’s an online dance class.


Pune and The Short Film Bug

One of man’s greatest inventions is perhaps, motion filming cameras and everyone in their own way thanks and blesses Mr. Inventor. Motion filming cameras have surely made life easier at home, bringing the technology from the boxy camera back then to the tiny powerful camera on your smartphone in your pocket,  filming memories and preserving […]


The hunt for fresh football talent

Ardeshir Jeejeebhoy, CEO, Liverpool International Football Academy – DSK Shivajians gives us a low-down of the national talent scouting that will give a lucky few the chance to be trained at the academy at Loni. He shares some information about the facilities at the academy and the talent they have an eye out for…

Press releases

Youth Global Internship Program – AIESEC

If you’re someone looking for an internship that also offers Global exposure and more, we have something you might be interested in…