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The Sundowner: 13 Artists, One Unforgettable Evening – Sympulse '18

January 21 is going to be so EPIC!

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That Fully Amaze LOL Moment When The Punekar Met Aditi Mittal

I catch her amidst peals of laughter. She throws her head back and bam! It makes contact with the vanity mirror behind her. “Oh sh**!” she yelps, still laughing, as she reaches over to rub the back of her head. In a flash, I’m at her side, rubbing the back of her head with her. No time for pleasantries. No time for introductions. She’d just hit her head on the mirror behind her and she needed me. As her laughter subsides, I look her dead in the eye and quietly proclaim, “We’re best friends now.”


Go on a Laughter Spree with Azeem Banatwalla @ Classic Rock Coffee Co.

Your favorite stand up comedy destination Classic Rock Coffee Co. presents Cometh The Hour, a 60 minute rib cracking special by Azeem Banatwalla, one of India’s top comics!


5 of Pune's Most Hilarious and Upcoming Stand-Up Comedians

One quality that everyone wishes to have in their partner is a good sense of humour! However, if you have not found someone tickling your funny bone, worry not! Pune is lately being more and more on the heavy dose of the best medicine, laughter; through these upcoming comedians who are making people go ROFL!