Review: Pagdandi Book Chai Cafe

Pagdandi is a book store cafe located in Baner, Pune. We review the unique initiative that gives book lovers a cafe that suits their needs…


Yummy Sandwiches!

These days kids are at home enjoying their summer vacations and it is quite a task to feed their little fussy tummies with different snacks when they are hungry. Here are some sandwiches which the kids will gobble in no time…

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Breakfast at Prem’s!

Terrific early morning breakfast now has a new address, as Prem’s restaurant in Koregaon Park offers a spread of delicious breakfast items. On busy weekdays, Prem’s allows you the much required caffeine booster and quick bite options. Give your day a deliciously powerful start as you bite into delectable sandwiches, waffles, pancakes, your choice of […]