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Sadashiv Peth: A Gem in Pune's Deep-Rooted History

I do not count myself as a regular to Pune’s extraordinary Peths. That works to your advantage if you want to avoid traffic of the worst kind and are not a fan of jostling for space on the narrowest of roads. Not knowing the Peths well can be a drawback too, if you’ve planned to cover four of them in a go and realise on getting there that one of them is humongous and has been grossly underestimated! Well, that’s Sadashiv Peth for you. If this were a movie, I’d call it ‘The Return of the Huge Peth’ after wandering through relatively smaller Peths.

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We're 5! Thank you!

We are 5! And we have you to thank for it. Among others! Celebration time!


This is Sadashiv Peth

A true Sadashiv Pethi talks about the typical traits and culture of Pune 30!