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The Punekar Food Festival Details!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy…

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Behind the Scenes of Café 1730 | #PunekarInvestigates

Ever wondered what goes into the impeccable service, the flawless food and the perfect ambiance at a restaurant? What it takes to put it all together? We have too. So we decided to wander behind the scenes of one of our current favourites, Café 1730, and find out for ourselves. Turns out there’s lots of stock keeping, inventories, training, some yelling, and some stress. But what really matters is, wait for it, drumroll please… THE TEAM! Bad-um tsss*


#PunekarBakes: Midnight Kakery

In conversation with Pune’s cake Goddess.


#PunekarEats: Viman Nagar Food Trail

Your food guide for when you’re in Viman Nagar, #Pune!