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Female Entrepreneurs of Pune: Asa Ferreira

All of 24, she’s successfully heading a digital agency in Pune that recently celebrated it’s first anniversary.


#PunekarMeets: Femme Fiesta Club

We are basically working on the concept of me time, or personal time. Ladies, once they have jobs, once they get married, have kids, they slowly start losing the personal space and time that they need. And, they don’t realise the significance as well that personal time has in their lives. It is the time when you connect with yourself, do what you really want to do, with no accounting to anybody. It could be something as simple as watching TV, meeting your friends, joining a dance class you wanted to, or some other hobby/passion that you want to follow. You should be able to take out time for all such things that make you happy, which women find it very difficult to do.


7 On-Point Traits of Puneri Women

Hello and welcome to this land of beauty, tradition, modernity and a fair bit of confused identity that we like to call Pune. The woman brigade of this city has always been rather (in)famous for their killer attitudes, what we in Pune like to call ‘Maaz’. The legends say that the women of this city exhibit certain traits that make us ‘royalty’ and separate us from the rest of the ‘commoners’. So, let’s find out, shall we?


Michelle Kakade: Pune’s Golden Runner!

Michelle Kakade became the fastest person in the world to travel the Indian Golden Quadrilateral on foot!

Oh please!

Of chocolate sandwiches & scarves

There’s also traffic, fashion and nightlife that make Pune what it is. I love some of it and hate some of it. I left home out of boredom. Working as a freelance writer in the comfort of my home (town), I knew I wanted more from life. So, when I decided to move out, I […]