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7 Types of Punekars at a Wedding

My favorite thing about attending weddings (apart from the food) is observing people. I mean Indian weddings, Puneri weddings, are something to experience. You’ll find every single ‘breed’of typical Punekars- ranging from overly emotional, to completely withdrawn and lost.

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Punekar Achieves: Celebrity Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist Pooja Sharma

Ever followed a smoky eye tutorial, only to come out looking like a panda? Don’t worry, we’ve all done that, and more. Shaved off eyebrows, dyed our hair the wrong colour, and cut our bangs too short. Hair and make-up is tricky business! Yet there are those who make it look so easy! Meet Pooja Sharma, an ex-technical advisor at L’Oreal who has paved her way into the industry in the last 10 years – with scissors in both hands, and a brush clutched between her teeth! This ever-so-modest and down-to-earth (slightly hippie) female would never give you the impression that she has regularly worked on the sets of Harpers Bazaar, AIB, Airtel, Femina, and Lakme. Here are the details of our super fun conversation.


In Conversation with Ace Photographer Anshum Mandore

In conversation with ace wedding photographer, Anshum Mandore.