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Pune Traffic 101 – Understanding Punekars

In fact, wait at the signal long enough and you see a myriad of people who you will find exclusively in Pune. Beginning with the highly unique helmet-less two wheeler riders.


Pocket-Friendly Street Shopping in Pune

Shopping is not just a leisure activity, it’s something most of us take very seriously. Whether we need to buy something specific or just window shop, some good ol’ fashioned retail therapy never hurt anyone. Yes, there are malls and there is online shopping; but the feeling of your friendly street vendor offering tempting bargains can’t be passed up. Let’s get our frugal on!


#PunekarRants: Pune's Traffic Problem Has No Solution

I screeched my bike to a halt with all the force I could. A young man, barely 18, whizzed across my face on his KTM Duke – that motorbike that looks like a jellyfish wearing a cape. This, while he was supposed to be across the road waiting for the signal to turn green. Later […]


7 Types of Puneri Drivers!

Just when you thought you had it bad due to the potholes, you now have the drivers to watch out for. Here’s a hilarious account of car drivers you will find in Pune…

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When Pune Welcomed the Palkhi!

Palkhi 101: All You Need to Know About the Religious Yatra!

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Pune Needs More Cyclists On The Streets!

Why Pune needs more of cycling to work.


#PuneHistory: The Stories Behind Pune's Streets (Part I)

The stories of people Pune’s streets are named after.

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#PunekarLists: 6 Types of Potholes on Pune's Roads

A hilarious list describing the 6 types of potholes on Pune’s roads.


7 Types of Puneri Drivers

Here’s a list of the 7 types of drivers we can find on your city’s roads!

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7 Puneri Riders Who Sin!

The 7 types of riders in Pune you should beware of!