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Pune Duo Transform Discarded Buses into Clean Toilets for Women

Once again, Pune and Punekars are in the national news, and in a positive light as well! Joining the list of several amazing individuals working for the betterment of females are Rajeev Khera and Ulka Sadalkar.

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6 Changes Pune Really Needs in 2019

Being a diehard Punekar, hearing criticism, even positive criticism at that, is a bit tough. However, if we truly love Pune, then we need to look at what we need to work on in order to grow and prosper. 

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Pune: When Civic Bodies Fail, Citizens Step Up!

This is a story you’ve heard before – a common citizen struggling to get basic work done by the government/civic bodies. The hope is that it will have an happy ending. Like the note above says, this is still developing, however it is time that everyone reads about it.

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#PunekarLists: 6 Types of Potholes on Pune's Roads

A hilarious list describing the 6 types of potholes on Pune’s roads.