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Phoenix Marketcity Pune Turned the City Airport into a New Year Surprise!

It was business as usual at the Pune Airport on a chilled Sunday morning. Travellers arriving from various parts of the country were in for a pleasant surprise as Pune’s premiere shopping and lifestyle destination, Phoenix Marketcity, Pune, initiated a unique consumer engagement campaign.

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6 Changes Pune Really Needs in 2019

Being a diehard Punekar, hearing criticism, even positive criticism at that, is a bit tough. However, if we truly love Pune, then we need to look at what we need to work on in order to grow and prosper. 

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6 Places in Pune for the Best Plum Cakes!

If you’re a massive fan of plum cakes, and you need some buying options, worry not; check out this list of places in Pune for the best ones! 

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5 Things to Look Forward to at SYMPULSE '18

Pune’s biggest college fest is back!


Here's Why Pune is so Magical During Christmas!

A cozy sweater, marshmallows swimming in mugs of hot chocolate and festivities just around the corner is what the month of December is all about. Pune never fails to impress its newcomers, but there’s just something in the air around this time of the year that makes it feel charming more than ever before. As fun as it is to pack your bags and run away to the nearest resort or weekend getaway, here’s why I urge you to stay put this time. Also, if you’re not a Punekar, here’s why you might want to come down to this charming little city this Christmas.