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6 Breathtakingly Scenic Drives Around Pune!

Now that the rains have subsided, it’s the perfect time to get on your bikes or in your cars and take off on some of the most scenic routes around Pune while everything is still green!

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Sinhagad Fort Ropeway Work to Begin by End of February

Once it’s operational, the journey time up to the fort will only be 5-7 minutes!

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7 Must-Do Things in Pune – Punekar’s Guide for Tourists

Pune has come miles from the small, quaint city, which it was a decade ago. No longer are we just known for our sarcasm, we have moved past the afternoon nap jokes as well (for the most part).

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6 Photographers’ Paradise Spots Around Pune

Pune’s monsoons are a photographer’s paradise – where everything around you turns a shade of bright and beautiful green. Its iconic and historical buildings, the surrounding forts and the lush green neighborhoods, like Koregaon Park, are places where you can’t help but sneak a picture.


A Fort Won at The Cost of A Lion

My earliest memory of spotting Sinhagad was from our terrace. I was fairly little and my grandfather would point at a distant hill in the hazy horizon and proudly declare, “To bagh, to Sinhagad ahe” (Look there, that’s Sinhagad).

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#PunekarTreks: Your Fort Guide For This Monsoon!

Get into your travel togs and get ready for some adventure! With the weather playing host, here are four must-do monsoon treks around the city. It is the stuff trekkers would love; rain-drenched vistas, swirling mist and spectacular views. So, take a hike people! Rajmachi Fort Distance: About 75 km The trek to Rajmachi is […]