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Shyma Menon Gives New Meaning to Health Food with Kilobeaters in Pune

What do you do when you realise being healthy is not as easy as it seems to be? Most of us would give up, blaming it all on “age”. But not Shyma Menon, who, when faced with the challenge of a slow metabolism, decided to work her way through one of life’s most common problems, and device something that would benefit both her and others in the long run. Excerpts from this super fun interview…


5 Types of People We Encounter in Pune's Gyms

The gym culture in our fabulous city has changed over the years; from black ally, shady tin roof gyms to world class brands, Pune has come a long way. That being said, the kind of people you are most likely to run into has changed dramatically too; here’s a list of a few oddballs you might invariably run into…


An Exciting Fitness Challenge For Pune!

Ruggedian: An exciting fitness challenge for Pune!

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Pune Needs More Cyclists On The Streets!

Why Pune needs more of cycling to work.

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Pune’s tryst with Bokwa!

Bokwa – Your new road to fitness!

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In Support of Shutter Down

How does a Punekar tell it’s 2PM? By looking at the shutter going down at any of the Chitale sweet shops across the city, of course…