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7 Huge and Beautiful College Campuses of Pune!

College life mostly revolves around the campus, rather than the classrooms and here are some of the largest and the most beautiful college campuses of Pune!

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7 Reasons Why Being a Student in Pune Is the Best!

The education capital of Maharashtra, the Oxford of the East, Pune attracts more students than any other city in our state. With a variety of top colleges to choose from, Pune is a stalwart source of higher education. This has always been our culture- education has always been in the center of everything we are and do.


Pune's College Fests to Watch out for this Year

We all know that Pune is pretty much synonymous with its college crowd, giving it the name, The Oxford of the East. Pune’s colleges aren’t only great when it comes to education though; they also have brilliant extra-curriculars that give birth to a myriad of pro-active youngsters. A big part of this includes the college fests that have seen some amazing talent and renowned artist line-ups that make them nothing short of spectacular.