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Kesari Wada – The Birthplace of Pune’s Freedom

Kesari Wada was previously known as Gaikwad Wada. Located in Narayan Peth, Pune, this wada built by Gaikwad Sarkar is also the birthplace of Pune’s first newspaper- Kesari.

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7 Fantastic Instagram Accounts of Pune

Pune’s people, food, heritage, culture, and of course, its amazing photographers, you guys! It all makes us fall in love with the city and its people more and more everyday!

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If Siri Were a Punekar!

Just like Siri, Punekars can have an opinion about almost everything when asked. Along with some serious information to back it up, most of the times. Just imagine this, you ask something to Siri and a Punekar from Sadashiv Peth answers your question. Hilarious, right?! Here are some of the funniest situations which would arise if Siri were a Punekar.

Featured Heritage

The History Behind Pune's Name

Most Punekars tend to correct anyone who refers to Pune as ‘Poona’. But, how many of us really know how the city got its name?

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The Fabulous Street Art of Pune City

A metropolitan city like Pune isn’t short of natural as well as man-made art. If you think any city, not just Pune, looks arid and shallow at first glance, then you’re probably right. However, I can say this for a city like Pune- you must dig in deeper.

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Pune: After 25 Years, Two-Wheelers Now Allowed on Lakdi Pul

Pune peeps, be honest, how often have you gotten onto Lakdi Pul on your bike, hoping to not get caught by the cops and asked to re-route and/or pay a fine?

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The Punekar Turns Eleven!

The Punekar recently turned eleven years old. Our team is pretty excited about this and I thought I’d give you a peep into what it’s like to work here!

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7 Places in Pune Serving the Yummiest Macarons!

Macarons are pretty tricky to prepare and perfect but these places in Pune are nailing them!

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5 Things You Should Know About the Pune Metro Project!

If you’re eagerly awaiting the launch of Pune Metro just like us, then there’s a high chance you’ve already researched everything about the project.

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Pune, The Phoenix Shopping Festival 2019 is here and it’s HUGE!

Pune peeps, you need to be sitting down for this news- ready?! Phoenix Marketcity Pune’s highly anticipated Phoenix Shopping Festival, 2019, kicked off last Thursday, June 20th and you won’t believe the ultra-fabulous things one can win over the next two months!